How To Unlock Disabled iPad Without iTunes [4 Solutions]

Solutions To Unlock Disabled iPad Without iTunes

Learn Top 4 Easy Solutions To Bypass/Unlock Disabled iPad Without iTunes!

Overview: The most frustrating situation for every iPad user is when their iPad gets disabled after entering the wrong passcode many times. You are in such a condition where you are feeling helpless as you can’t access your device. Keep Calm! We are here to help you. In this guide, you will learn the top 4 solutions on how to unlock disabled iPad without iTunes.

tipExpert Tip: One of the best ways to unlock disabled iPad without iTunes is to use iOS Unlock software which is the perfect iPad Unlock tool.

With the help of iOS Unlock software, one can:

  • Effectively bypass/unlock locked or disabled iPad.
  • Remove every type of screen lock such as 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Face ID, Touch ID, etc.
  • Compatible with all versions of iOS including iOS 14/13/12/10/9/8, etc.
  • Supports all iOS models including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • No technical knowledge is required.
  • Available for Windows as well as Mac computer.
  • 100% read-only program. Safe, secure and easy to use.

Free Download Trial Version/Buy Now iOS Unlock Software To Unlock Disabled iPad Without iTunes

*Trial version only show how it works..

*Trial version only show how it works.

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Let’s start with a real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: A User Disabled iPad By Entering Wrong Passcode, Now Want To Unlock Without Using iTunes

Unlock Disabled iPad without iTunes

Hey, i want to unlock my disabled iPad without using iTunes. I gave the iPad to my friend and he tapped in the wrong passcode. Now, he is not able to use it as it says that iPad is disabled. How can I unlock it without using iTunes, as it was setup using my laptop for the first time. He can’t send the iPad to me. How to resolve this issue?

Source: Apple Community

Next, move on to the solutions section!

Note: The below solutions is applicable to all iPad models such as iPad Pro, iPad Pro 9.7, New iPad, iPad Mini 4, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad with Retina Display and all other iPad available in the market.

Solution 1: Reset Disabled iPad Without iTunes (Using iCloud Backup)

You can restore iCloud backup to reset the disabled iPad but this will also wipe your iPad data, apps and settings. So, before restoring iCloud backup make sure you have a backup of all important data. If you don’t have then you can try another solution.

Below, follow the steps to restore iPad from iCloud backup to unlock the disabled iPad without iTunes.

Step 1: On your computer launch and then sign in by using the same Apple ID and password that you have used on your disabled iPad.

Step 2: Now, go to Settings and select Restore and choose the backup file.

restore data from

Step 3: Click on Restore button.

Once the restoration process gets completed, your iPad will become a brand new device and the iCloud backup will cover the device’s data.

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Solution 2: Unlock Disabled iPad Without iTunes Using Find My iPad

If you have enabled “Find My iPad” feature on your iPad then you can easily unlock disabled iPad without iTunes.

Here, follow the steps to unlock disabled iPad without iTunes for free by using Find My iPhone/iPad feature.

Step 1: Open on your computer or any other smartphone.

Step 2: Now, enter the same Apple ID and password to log in successfully.

Step 3: After that click on “Find My iPad” and then click on “All Device” option.

Unlock Disabled iPad Via Find My iPad Feature

Step 4: Choose your disabled iPad and click on “Erase iPad”.

Unlock Disabled iPad Via Find My iPad

After this, your iPad will reset to factory settings and all files will be deleted by unlocking your iPad.

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Solution 3: Bypass Disabled iPad Without iTunes Using Siri (For iPad Running On iOS 8-11)

If your iPad is running on iOS 8 – iOS 11 then you can use Siri feature to unlock your disabled iPad without iTunes or iCloud.

Here, follow the steps to unlock a disabled iPad without iTunes or iCloud or computer by using Siri feature.

Step 1: First, you need to press and hold the Home button to launch Siri. After that ask Siri “What time is it?” and Siri will tell you the time. Then you will see a clock, tap on it.

Step 2: Now, you will find a World Clock screen, tap on “+” button to the top-right side to add a new clock.

Reset Disabled iPad without iTunes

Step 3: Type the city name, type anything in the text field. Then tap and hold the text and select “Select All” option. Next select “Share” and it will ask how you would like to share the selected text, simply choose the message.

How To Reset Disabled iPad Without iTunes

Step 4: Now, type any casual detail on the screen and tap on “+” (plus) icon by going to Create New Contact. Now add a photo for the contacts by tapping on add photo.

Step 5: This will open the Photo Library. Now, you can visit any album.

Step 6: Now, instead of selecting an image, just exit the interface by pressing the Home button. This will open the iPad’s Home screen.

Unlock Disabled iPad Without iTunes

Now, your disabled iPad will be unlocked.

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Solution 4: Unlock Disabled iPad Without iTunes Via iOS Unlock Software

You can also use iOS Unlock software to bypass locked or disabled iPad without iTunes. It will remove the disabled screen without damaging your iOS firmware. It bypasses/removes all types of screen lock whether it is 6 digit passcode, Touch ID, face ID, 4 digit passcode.

iPad Screen Unlock works immediately to fix disabled iPad. It is compatible with all iOS versions including iOS 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, etc.

It is available for both Windows and Mac computers. iOS Screen Unlock tool supports all models of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

*Trial version only show how it works..

*Trial version only show how it works.

No matter how your iPad gets disabled it will unlock it and you don’t need any technical knowledge to use this tool.

Note: Currently, there is no solution to unlock disabled iPad without losing data.

Below, follow the complete steps to unlock disabled iPad without iTunes by using iOS Unlock software.

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Steps To Unlock Disabled iPad Without iTunes But By Using iOS Unlock Software

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone/iPad

First download, install and launch iOS Unlock software on your computer.

Click on “Screen Unlock” among the available options.

Next, connect your iPhone/iPad to computer with the help of lightening cable. Click on “Start” to begin the process.

Step 2: Boot Your iPhone/iPad In DFU Mode

Now you have to boot your screen locked iPhone/iPad device in DFU mode. Here follow the steps to boot iPhone/iPad into DFU mode:

  • Switch OFF your iPhone.
  • Press and hold “Volume Down” + “Power” button together for 10 seconds.
  • Release the “Power” button but keep holding the “Volume Down” button until your device enter into DFU mode.

Step 3: Download The Firmware For Your iPhone/iPad

Once your device is in DFU mode, the iOS Unlock tool will display the device information such as device models, phone generation, iOS versions, etc. If the information displayed to you is not correct then manually select the correct information from the drop-down list. Then click on “Download” button, to download the firmware for your device.

Step 4: Bypass/Unlock Locked Screen of iPhone/iPad

Once the firmware gets downloaded successfully, finally click on “Unlock Now” to start the process of unlocking the screen lock of your iPhone or iPad.

Wait for few seconds, your iPhone or iPad locked screen will get unlocked.

Note: This screen unlocking process will erase all the data stored on the iPhone or iPad. Honestly speaking, currently there is other solution available in the market that can help you to bypass/unlock screen lock without data loss.

*Trial version only show how it works..

*Trial version only show how it works.

Wrap Up

I know how frustrating you feel when you aren’t able to unlock your disabled iPad. But, I hope after reading the above solutions you would be able to unlock disabled iPad without iTunes.

Among all the solutions I would recommend you to use iOS Unlock software to bypass/unlock disabled iPad without iTunes as it will easily unlock your disabled iPad within few minutes.