Learn To Fix iTunes Error 4005 or iPhone 4005 Error Code

How To Fix iTunes Error 4005 or iPhone Error 4005

Here Learn 10 Solutions To Fix And Get Rid Of iTunes Error 4005 or iPhone Error Code 4005!

Overview: After doing some research online I have found that there are many iPhone users encountering with iTunes error 4005 issue or iPhone error code 4005 while they try to update or restore their device via iTunes. If you too meet the similar issue while updating or restoring your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then just relax. In this article, you will learn the easy solutions on how to fix iTunes error 4005 or iPhone error code 4005 by yourself.

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iTunes says “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4005)

Well, it can be very annoying when you get error in the process of updating or restoring your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes. Getting iTunes error 4005 or iPhone error code 4005 basically means that the process was not successful and you are left with a phone that was not updated.

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For example, just check out the real practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: User Get Error 4005 When Trying To Update iPhone 5S With iTunes

Error 4005 when restoring

Two days ago my iphone 5S started restarting every few minutes and then when I plugged it in kept flashing the apple logo. Ive tried to restore it but I keep getting error 4005 and Ive tried all suggested solutions and none worked. Help me please!

iPhone 5s, iOS 10.3.2

Source: Apple Discussion

Practical Scenario 2: A User iPhone Got Stuck In DFU Mode And Get iTunes Error Code 4005

stuck in dfu with itunes error 4005

Ok so nearly two weeks ago i plugged my phone into the headphone jack of some old stereo system my uncle has, i was trying to set it up and in the process the phone fell out of my hand, i was sitting down so it was about a 2-3 foot drop. i picked the phone up and it was on the boot up screen (white background and Black apple), it was taking abnormally long to boot up so i held the home and power button, which i now know was a TERRIBLE idea. fast forward to the present and the phone is stuck in DFU mode, when i try to restore it the screen turns on with a black background and white apple and then iTunes gets stuck on “waiting for iPhone” and gives me the error 4005. I’ve tried changing the USB cable, changing the USB port, using a different windows PC and even a mac, all with the latest version of iTunes and no it was not a host file thing. I’ve tried every software solution that my research has brought me and the problem still persists so that leads me to believe it’s a hardware issue so i’m wondering what part is it that i have to replace to fix it, i’m a bit of a tinkerer and i’d rather avoid getting price gouged at a repair shop. Sorry if the post was too much of a read but i figured it’d be best to provide all the details. Thank you in advance for any and all help

Source: IFIXIT

Just like above examples, there are several iOS device users who encounter with iTunes error 4005 or iPhone error code 4005.

At this situation you might get stuck with one question – How do I fix iTunes error 4005 or iPhone error code 4005?

Want to fix the error? But don’t know how? Continue reading the article to know how to fix the iTunes error 4005 on your iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 5, 5S and 5C. But before that let’s find out what is iTunes error 4005?

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What Is iTunes Error 4005?

iTunes Error 4005 is an annoying error code appears in your iPhone, iPad and iPod device while updating or restoring your iDevice via iTunes. But there are lots of different reasons that give rise to this error.

Causes of iTunes Error 4005 (iPhone Error 4005)

  • iOS system issue on your iDevice (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch).
  • iTunes is not properly downloaded or installed.
  • Using old iTunes version or computer operation system.
  • USB connection issue.
  • Virus/malware attack
  • Corrupted files related to iOS or iTunes.

Well there are other different reasons that lead to this error and lots of different solution to resolve iTunes error 4005.

Now let’s learn the solutions to fix iTunes error 4005 or iPhone error 4005.

How To Fix iTunes Error 4005 or iPhone Error Code 4005?

In order to fix this annoying issue, here you have few amazing solutions that could be useful to you.

Solution 1: Fix iTunes Error 4005 Without Data Loss Using iTunes Repair Tool [Recommended]

Use this effective and professional iTunes Repair Software which is a perfect iTunes 4005 Error Repair Tool that will help you to fix iTunes/iPhone error 4005 without any data loss. Besides fixing iTunes error 4005, the software also fixes other different types of iTunes errors and issues.

The iTunes Repair Tool is available for Windows computer.

*Trial version only show how it works and not fix iTunes to Normal..

The best part about this tool is that it is compatible with latest iTunes version like iTunes 12.9, 12.8, 12.7 and so on as well it support all models of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running on iOS 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 and former iOS versions.

Check the below the complete guide on how fix iTunes error 4005 or iPhone error 4005 with the help of iTunes Repair Software.

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Steps To Fix iTunes Error 4005 or iPhone Error Code 4005

Step 1: Launch iTunes Repair and Choose “Repair iTunes Errors” Option

First of all download, install and launch iTunes Repair Tool on your computer.

Click on “Repair” among the available modules.

In the next pop-up window, you will see three repair options. Simply, click on “Repair iTunes Errors” option.

After this, the software will start to check your iTunes component.

Step 2: Go For Advanced Repair

If iTunes components are full installation, simply click on “OK”. But, if iTunes still continue to show error messages, then click on “Advanced Repair”.

It will take some time. So, be patient and wait until the repairing process gets finished.

*Trial version only show how it works and not fix iTunes to Normal..

If that doesn’t help, the use the same iTunes Repair Tool to fix iTunes connection issues.

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Solution 2: Install The Latest Version of iTunes

Sometimes installing the latest version of iTunes fixes the error code 4005. So, try updating iTunes on your computer.

Run iTunes on your computer. Go to the help section and look for the item ‘Check for updates’.  It will start checking for the latest version on Apples’ servers. After that, carry out the update process in few clicks.

Check For iTunes Update

Solution 3: Close And Restart iTunes

This is another very quick and simple solution to get fixed iTunes error 4005 or iPhone error code 4005. It could be possible that there might be file management or registry error in iTunes causing problem which can be solved by restarting iTunes.

Solution 4: Restart Your Computer

Sometimes a simple restart of PC or Mac can solve many problems, including this iTunes error 4005.

So, if your problem still persists then try restarting your computer. Clean up the registry and look for any issue related to iTunes and device connectivity.

Solution 5: Check The USB Connection Or Change The USB Cable

If USB connection is not connected properly, then you might get iTunes/iPhone 4005 error.

Try changing the USB port. Sometimes simply changing the USB port fixes the issue. Try to plug into different USB ports of your computer.

Or simply change the USB cable and try to restore your device by using the changed USB cable.

Fixes For iTunes Error Code 4005

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Solution 6: Charge Your iOS Device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)

Sometimes low battery might be the common reason behind the iPhone’s restoration failure.  So, try charging your iPhone, iPad and iPod if there is not enough battery power.

Charge Your iOS Device Battery To Get Rid of iTunes Error 4005

Solution 7: Force Restart Your iOS Device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)

Try to force restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device if it’s still unable to restore. Switch off your phone and then switch it back again.

Here check how to force restart your iOS device.

Fix iPhone Error 4005

Solution 8: Update The Computer OS

Keep your computer up-to-date as an outdated OS is probably the one that causes all the problems. Moreover, the latest version of iTunes doesn’t work well with the older, outdated or OS software.

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Solution 9: Put Your iPhone Into DFU Mode And Restore Your iPhone

If installing the latest version of iTunes doesn’t fix the issue then do a DFU.

DFU or Default Firmware Update rebuilds the structure of your phone’s software from the base.  Be careful when you execute DFU restore because it deletes everything from your device. But if you still take the risk of doing DFU restore, then make a proper backup of your data.

Follow the below steps to fix iPhone 6/7/8/X error 4005:

  • Connect your phone to PC via USB cable. No matter your connected phone is switched ON or not. Launch iTunes on your computer.
  • Now press and hold Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. Now wait for 10 seconds.

put iPhone into DFU mode

  • Release the Sleep/Wake button but continue to holding the Home button until iTunes display the following message “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.”

iTunes Detected iPhone In Recovery Mode

  • Now release the Home button.
  • If your iDevice has entered into DFU mode then the display will be completely black. If the screen is not black, start the complete steps from the beginning.
  • Using iTunes, restore your iPhone. Sit back and watch the whole restoration process.

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Solution 10: Try To Restore Your Device In Another PC or Mac

You may also try to restore your device in another PC or Mac. Hope this might fix the issue for you. So, install latest version of iTunes on another computer and launch, plug your device with the help of USB cable and restore your device.

Wrap Up

So, those are the solutions that you can follow to fix iPhone error 4005 and iTunes error 4005 or iPhone error code 4005. However, if from Solution 2 -10, doesn’t work in your case, then we highly recommend you to follow the first solution that is using iTunes Repair Tool to get fixed iTunes/iPhone error 4005 without any data loss.