How Can I Restore iPhone Data From an iCloud Backup?

Recover iPhone Files From iCloud Backup

Learn Simple Solutions To Recover All Data And To Selectively Retrieve iPhone Data From iCloud Backup!

Overview: If you have lost or accidentally deleted iPhone data and looking for a simple method to recover data from iCloud backup, then this article is for you. In this article, you are going to learn three methods to restore iPhone data from iCloud backup – (i) Restore all data from iCloud backup (ii) Restore iCloud Data From iCloud Drive or and (iii) Selectively restore data from iCloud backup.

tipExpert Tip: If you are looking to selectively restore iPhone data from iCloud backup, then the best method is to use iOS Data Recovery Software which is a perfect iCloud Data Recovery Tool.

With the help of iOS Data Recovery Software, you can:

  • Selectively extract files from iCloud backup to your iPhone.
  • Selectively retrieve files like images, videos, audio, contacts, messages, call logs, notes, reminders, voice memos, documents, WhatsApp/Kik/Viber/Messenger messages, Safari bookmarks and more from iCloud backup.
  • Support all models of iPhone’s iCloud backup such as iPhone XS (Max), XR, X, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, 6s/6s Plus, 6/6 Plus, SE, 5/5c/5s, 4s/4 running on iOS such as iOS 12/11/10/9/8 and so on.
  • Preview recoverable iCloud backup files within preview screen of the software before you save them on your computer.
  • 100% read-only program. Safe, secure and easy to use.

Free Download Trial Version/Buy Now iCloud Backup Data Recovery Tool

*Trial version only scans and previews recoverable files.

*Trial version only scans and previews recoverable files.

Your iPhone may contain lots of important content that you do not want to lose. However, at any time, you may encounter data loss due to no fault of your own and then you look for a way to get back lost iPhone data from iCloud backup.

For example, just check out below-mentioned real-user practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario: iPhone 6S User Looking To Restore Photos From iCloud Backup

Question about restoring from icloud backup

I just received my new iPhone 6s this afternoon. I started restoring it from backup from icloud 2 hours ago, but the remaining time keeps on changing: now it says it will take about 5 more minutes, but it has been saying this for over an hour now. Is this normal? The backup is not that big btw, I deleted all my apps on my previous iPhone before I made a new backup because I only wanted to save my pictures and messages.

Source: iMore Forums

Just, like above example, there are many iPhone users who encounter data loss and then they look for help on how to get back data from iCloud backup.

There could be several causes for the loss or deletion of data that could occur on your iPhone.

Let us first know – how data get deleted from iPhone?

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Reasons: How Data Gets Deleted Or Lost On iPhone?

  • Accidental or mistakenly deletion.
  • Performing factory reset.
  • Updating device iOS to new version.
  • Virus or malware attack.
  • Forgotten screen lock PIN/passcode or pattern lock.
  • Jailbreaking or flashing the device.
  • And so on…

In any of the above-mentioned causes you may encounter data loss and hence you want to get back your data.

So, now the question arises – How can you retrieve your iPhone data from iCloud Backup?

Well, we will show you three different solutions to recover iPhone data from iCloud backup, but before let us know the steps to backup iPhone data to iCloud.

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Steps To Backup iPhone Data To iCloud

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: On your device go Settings> Your Name and then tap on iCloud.

Backup iPhone To iCloud

Step 3: Next, tap iCloud Backup.

Step 4: Finally, tap on “Back Up Now”. Simply stay connected to your Wi-Fi network.

You can check the progress of the backup and confirm whether the backup has been completed or not. Go to Settings> Your Name> iCloud > iCloud Backup. In “Back Up Now” section, you will see the date & time of the last backup.

All right so now let us learn the solutions to restore data from iCloud backup!

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Solution 1: Restore Data From iCloud Backup By Restoring Your iPhone

Note: Restoring iCloud data to your iPhone will overwrite all the current data stored on your device with backup files. The data which was not backed-up to iCloud will get lost. Additionally, this is a restore iPhone from iCloud backup with Wi-Fi solution.

Below, follow the complete steps that will help you to restore iCloud data to your iPhone.

Step 1:  On your iPhone, go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content And Settings.

Factory Reset iPhone

Step 2: Once your device gets reset, turn it ON. You should see Hello screen.

Step 3: Simply follow the onscreen set-up steps until you reach “Apps & Data” screen. Tap on “Restore From iCloud Backup”.

Restore iPhone From iCloud Backup

Step 4: Sign-in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID and then select the backup file to restore data.

Step 5: Select the relevant backup by looking the date and size of each backup file.

Step 6: If asked, then sign-in to your Apple ID account to restore your apps & purchases. If you don’t remember the password, then you can tap Skip this Step and sign-in later.

Step 7: Stay connected to Wi-Fi network and wait for the progress bar to display and complete. The progress bar may take few minutes or an hour to get complete, depending upon the size of the backup file and Wi-Fi network speed. If you disconnect the Wi-Fi, the progress bar will stop, until you reconnect.

Step 8: Finally, you can set-up your device. Data like photos, apps, music and other content will continue to restore in the background. This will take several hours or days, depending upon the amount of data there is. Try to stay connected often to Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi to allow the process to get complete.

Note: Since retrieving data from iCloud backup by restoring iPhone overwrite all the data on the device and you can’t recover the files selectively, hence we recommend you to go for Solution 3.

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Solution 2: Restore iCloud Data From iCloud Drive or

If you backed-up your iPhone to iCloud Drive or, then you can also retrieve your iPhone data from the backup. But do also note that the data remained stored in iCloud drive is only for 30 days. So, if you are looking to get back data from, then keep this time frame in your mind.

Below follow the steps to retrieve iPhone data from and iCloud drive.

Step 1: Just visit on any web browser on your PC or Mac and sign-in with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Open the iCloud Drive app.

restore data from

Step 3: Now look for the file that you want to restore and select them.

Step 4: Click Download icon, the files will get downloaded to your download location.

Alternatively, you can restore your data like photos, videos, contacts, calendar, mails, reminders, Safari, notes and voice memos through iCloud drive. Just follow this Apple Official webpage and get your job done easily.

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Solution 3: Selectively Recover iPhone Files From iCloud Backup

If you are looking to recover iPhone data selectively from iCloud backups, then you can trust on using iOS Data Recovery which is a professional and reliable iCloud Data Recovery Software. This will help you to easily retrieve data from iCloud backup to PC or Mac, which can also be restored to your iPhone.

This software will help you selectively extract iPhone files such as photos, videos, audio, contacts, messages, notes, voice memos, calendars, reminders, Safari bookmarks, documents, call history, WhatsApp chat history, Kik/Viber/Messenger message, etc from iCloud Backup. Additionally, this is a restore iPhone from iCloud backup without Wi-Fi solution.

The best part about this iCloud Data Recovery for iPhone is that it also recovers files from iPhone, iPad & iPod touch without any backup and also selectively retrieve files from iTunes backup. The software is available for both Windows and Mac computer.

*Trial version only scans and previews recoverable files.

*Trial version only scans and previews recoverable files.

Support all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch such as iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/ SE/5/5C/5S/4S/4/3GS and iPad models such as iPad Pro, Pro 9.7/iPad 4/3/2/iPad Mini 5/4/3/New iPad/iPad Air 2/Air/iPad With Retina Display, etc and iPod touch models such as iPod Touch 6/5/4/3 running on iOS 12/11/10/9/8 and other versions.

Below follow the complete steps to selectively recover iPhone files from iCloud backup by using iOS Data Recovery Software.

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Steps To Selectively Recover Data From iCloud Backup

Step 1: Select Recovery Mode

Download iOS Data Recovery software on your computer and launch and click on “Recover”. Now connect your iPhone to computer with the help of USB/Lightning cable.

Then select the option “Recover iOS Data”.

Then click on “Recover from iCloud Backup Files“. You will get the following windows as it is shown in the screenshot below. Simply log-in to your iCloud account with your iCloud id and password.

Note: This iOS Data Recovery take privacy very seriously. This tool does not take or keep any record of any of your Apple account info or content at any time or while during recovery sessions.

Step 2: Download Data From iCloud Backup File

After you successfully logged in to your iCloud account, the software will display all the iCloud backup files of your account. Select the relevant iCloud backup files from which you want to recover data and then click on “Download” button.

A pop-up window will appear, now select the type of files that you want to download and recover. After that click on “Next” button to scan the iCloud content.

Step 3: Preview And Recover Data From iCloud Backup File

Once the scan process gets complete, you can then preview the recoverable files of your iCloud backup file. Select the files that you want to restore and then click on “Recover to Computer” or “Recover to your device” button to save recovered files to your computer or to your device respectively.

Tip: What If You Have Already Downloaded The iCloud Backup Files?

If you already downloaded the iCloud backup file earlier, then you don’t have to sign-in again to your iCloud account. Simply click on “To preview and scan previously downloaded iCloud backup file” that is located under iCloud sign-in account.

Here you can see all the downloaded iCloud Backup files. Select the backup file from which you want to recover data and click on “Scan Downloaded” button. All these download iCloud Backup files are stored on your computer. If you want to delete them completely, then simply click on “trash” icon.

*Trial version only scans and previews recoverable files.

*Trial version only scans and previews recoverable files.

Wrap Up

So, if you have accidentally deleted or lost data on your iPhone due to any other reasons and if you have iCloud backups of your iPhone data that you wish to recover, the I hope this article had helped in restoring iPhone data from iCloud backup very easily.

Though solution 1 is free but overwrite and replaces all data on your iPhone with the backup files, hence it is highly recommended that you must try the most popular and effective iOS Data Recovery Software that will help you to selectively recover files from iCloud backups.

If you have found this article helpful, then please share it, as it might help others!