Phone Transfer: Complete Steps To Transfer Data From One Phone To Another

Phone Transfer allows you to switch data between different phones in just few mouse clicks, including iOS to iOS, Android to Android, iOS to Android and vice versa. You can transfer/copy data in just few easy steps.

Below, let’s find out the complete steps to transfer data from a phone to another.

Step 1: Connect Both Devices To Computer

First download, install and launch Phone Transfer on your computer.

*Trial version only shows transferable files.

*Trial version only shows transferable files

Choose the option “Phone Transfer” among the available module.

Next, connect both of your devices to computer. Here in this tutorial we have taken an iOS and Android phone as example.

The data will get transferred from “Source” device to “Destination” device. Don’t worry; you can click on “Flip” button to exchange the position of the devices.

Step 2: Select The File Types And Start The Transfer

Choose the file types that you want to transfer and then click on “Start Transfer” button to start the transferring process. Do not disconnect the devices until the process gets complete.

You can also check the option “Clear data before copy”, if you want to delete data on the destination path before the data transfer.

In just few-minutes, all the chosen files will get transferred from the source phone to destination phone successfully.

*Trial version only shows transferable files.

*Trial version only shows transferable files