iOS Data Eraser – Permanently Erase All Data From iPhone/iPad & Protect Your Privacy

Effectively Wipe All Data or Personal Data Permanently From iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch!

iOS Data Eraser

  • Delete data permanently which is not recoverable.
  • Allow you to choose which data you want to erase.
  • Simple, easy and fast process.
  • Nobody can recover or view your private data ever.
  • Clean junk files, temporary or log files and speed up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Compress photos to small size on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without compromising image quality and free up storage space.

*Trial version only scans and previews erasable files.

*Trial version only scans and previews erasable files.

Permanently Deletes All Data From iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch [100% Unrecoverable]

Want to sell, donate or gift your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch)? If so, then you must delete all data and personal information from the iOS device permanently.

Yes, you heard correctly “permanently”. You must know that normal deletion of data from iOS device is easily recoverable with the help of suitable iOS data recovery software and any one can access your private data, but if you delete data permanently on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then nobody can access your data, not even a professional identity thieves or hacker.

So, now the big question is – how do you permanently delete data from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Well, here comes the use of iOS Data Eraser software (available for both Windows and Mac computer), this is one of the best, World’s most popular and widely used software. It is specifically designed to erase full data or private data from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch permanently which is not recoverable by any means, not even by data recovery software.

Beside permanently deletion of data, it also has other features such as permanently erase all data, wipe deleted files or erase private data, iOS optimizer and space saver.

iOS Data Eraser: Key Features

Erase iOS Device And Protect Your Privacy

Permanently Delete All Private Data And Protect Your PrivacyErase personal information from iOS device and protect you from identity theft. iOS Data Eraser scan your device for private data and allow you to select data to be deleted permanently.

Even in the case of selling, donating or gifting your device, you must use iOS Data Eraser software that helps you in wiping all data permanently from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The data that you will delete will get erased forever. Nobody, not even a professional data recovery software or identity thief will ever be able to recover data from the iOS device.




All Data Is Erasable And It Get Deleted For Permanent

Erase All Data From iPhone Permanently

  • Erase All Types of Private Data: All data such as photos, videos, audio, voice memos, notes, contacts, call logs, iMessages, calendras, reminders, App’s data, Safari bookmarks and history and all other data can be deleted permanently. The data deleted by using this iOS Private Data Eraser is permanent and it cannot be recovered by any means.
  • Scan and Preview Personal Data For Free: With this iPhone Eraser Tool, you can scan your iOS device and preview all personal data one by one that you can delete. It’s absolutely free.
  • Checks Both Deleted Files And Existing Private Data: This Data Eraser Tool for iOS, not only just preview and erase existing personal data, but it also find the recoverable deleted files and existing personal information and privacy on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and wipe it all permanently from the device so that no one can trace it.  
  • Erase All Data In 1-Click or Erase Selected Files As You Want: You can select all scan result and permanently erase all in 1-Click. Or you can select the data or file types that you want to erase from iOS device.
  • Permanently Erase All Data From iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: It doesn’t matter whether you are using the new iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPad Pro, iPod touch 6 or the old iPhone 6/5/4, iPad 1 or iPod touch 5, this iOS Full Data Eraser software support all models of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Erase Deleted Files Permanently From iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Wipe Deleted Files From iPhone Permanently


Honestly speaking, deleted data aren’t deleted completely, it simply removes them and marks the space as empty so that you can add new data, hence deleted data can be recovered with the help of appropriate data recovery program.

So, if you want to make sure that previously deleted data should not be recoverable in the future, then this iOS Data Eraser software is best choice for you. As it will help you to permanently erase all data from the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and nobody can ever recover them, even with the help of any data recovery software.




Erase All File Types and Privacy Data From Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Erase All Data And Personal Data From iOS Device



What files and information iOS Data Eraser software can delete from your iOS device? You can use this software to permanently delete all files and private information, including pictures, videos, audio, text messages, attachments, contacts, call history, notes, calendars, voice memos, recordings, reminders, Safari bookmarks, App’s data, Apple IDs, users name, password, etc.



Clean Unwanted Files and Help To Speed Up iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Clean Junk Files And Speed Up iOS Device


When you use apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then it is obvious that these apps generate lots of extra data such as caches, log info, junk/temp files or downloaded images and videos. These files are marked as “Documents and Data” on your iPhone, consuming lots of storage space.

But with the help of this iPhone Cleaner which has iOS Optimizer feature, you can:

  • Easily delete App caches, logs files, cookies.
  • Erase useless system temp files, junk files, etc.
  • Speed up iOS device system and optimize iPhone, iPad or iPod touch performance.


Compress Photos on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Without Any Quality Loss

Free Up iOS Storage Space By Compressing iPhone PhotosWe all know that photos captured from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is of high quality and every image is bigger in file size. So, high quality photos on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch eats up lots of space and in no time the device storage gets filled up quickly.

But with the help of this iOS Data Eraser software which has Space Saver feature, will help you to compress the size of the photos on iOS device without loss in quality. You can also export the pictures to computer to free up more space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

With the help of Space Saver feature, you can:

  • Easily compress file size of photos up to 75% and free up storage space on iOS device.
  • Export photos to computer to release more memory space on iOS device.

*Trial version only scans and previews erasable files.

*Trial version only scans and previews erasable files.

Why Choose iOS Data Eraser Tool?

  • 100% Secure: It is completely read-only program. It means your data is safe and only you can access your account and files and there is no risk of data leakage.
  • Easy To Use: Comes with user-friendly interface. Simple Connect > Scan > Erase data from iOS device.
  • 100% Unrecoverable: Deleted data from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is permanent and it is not recoverable by any means, not event by suitable iOS Data Recovery software.

iOS Data Eraser: Supported Devices

iPhoneiPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS.
iPadiPad Pro, iPad Pro 9.7, New iPad, iPad Mini 4, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad with Retina Display.
iPod touchiPod Touch 6, iPod Touch 5, iPod Touch 4, iPod Touch 3.

iOS Data Eraser: Supported File Types

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Call history
  • Notes
  • Photos
  • Voice memos
  • Voicemail
  • Safari’s bookmark
  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Calendar
  • Reminder
  • WhatsApp messages
  • App’s photos
  • App’s video
  • App’s documents

iOS Data Eraser User Guide: Erase Data Permanently From iOS Devices In Easy Steps!

iOS Data Eraser User Guide

System Requirement

  • Supported OS: Windows – Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP; Mac – 11 (macOS Big Sur), 10.15 (macOS Catalina), 10.14 (macOS Mojave), Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12(macOS Sierra), 10.11(El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), or 10.8
  • CPU: 1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • RAM: 256 MB or more of RAM (1024 MB Recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB and above free space
  • iOS: iOS 15, iOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10 and all former versions

*Trial version only scans and previews erasable files.

*Trial version only scans and previews erasable files.