What To Do When iMessage Doesn’t Say “Delivered”

How To Fix iMessages Not Delivered On iPhone

Learn 10 Easy Solutions To Fix iMessage Not Saying “Delivered” Issue On iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch!

Summary: Are you unable to deliver iMessages on your iOS device? There can be many reasons due to which iMessages doesn’t say delivered or not showing you “Not Delivered” message or when the recipient did not receive the message but it says “Delivered”. This is a very irritating issue but keep clam and try the below-mentioned solution to fix the issue when iMessage doesn’t say “Delivered”.

Let’s start with real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: A User looking For A Solution To The Problem “iMessage Does’nt Say Delivered”

iMessage doesn’t say delivered

My imessages to a specific person that I text daily all of a sudden doesn’t say delivered when I try to send a message to him. He doesn’t have me blocked, because we were just texting now all of a sudden my messages aren’t delivering. I reset my phone and turned my imessage on and off but nothing seems to work. I never had this problem before and now I don’t know what to do. If anyone has had this problem before and has a solution for this problem, please let me know.

Source: MacRumors

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What Does It Mean When iMessage Doesn’t Say Delivered

The simple meaning of iMessage doesn’t say “Delivered” is that the iMessage has not yet been delivered to the person whom you are sending due to some reasons.

Some of the reasons that disturb your iMessage not to be “Delivered” are – recipient has OFF his/her phone, set his/her phone to Do Not Disturb Mode (Airplane Mode), the recipient is not having cellular data/Wi-Fi network, etc.

These are some of the reasons that can cause iMessage doesn’t say delivered. But if the discussed reasons are not causing this issue then read the below discussed 10 solutions to fix iMessage not saying “Delivered” or iMessage doesn’t say “Delivered” issue on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Solution 1: Check Internet Connection And Mobile Data Balance

If the network connection which you are using either cellular data or Wi-Fi is not good then this can also cause iMessage doesn’t say delivered but phone rings. So, check the network or internet connection when your Messages are not sent to the recipient.

Check iPhone Internet Connection

Aslo check mobile data, you may not even know that you ran out of cellular data. To check go to Settings > Cellular > Usage and see if your cellular data ran out or not.

Check iPhone Cellular Data

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Solution 2: Turn ON “Send As SMS” Feature

iMessage doesn’t say delivered am I blocked?

No, your messages may not be delivered to the person you are sending, if his/her device is not an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). So, for this, you need to send the iMessage as a text message by enabling “Send as SMS” feature in the settings on your smartphone.

To enable this simply go to device’s Settings, tap on Messages and then hit on “Send as SMS” option.

Send iMessages As SMS

Solution 3: Turn OFF And Turn ON iMessage

iMessage says delivered on one device but not the other can also happen due to iMessage temporary glitches/bugs.

So, to fix this you need to open Settings then tap on Messages and then turn OFF iMessage. After that turn ON iMessage.

Turn On iMessages

Now, check the iMessage is delivering or not. If not then follow the next solution.

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Solution 4: Force Restart Your Device

You can also fix iMessage doesn’t say delivered or iMessage delivered but not received issue by force restarting your iOS device. You can search online the steps to force restart your iOS device according to your iOS device model.

Solution 5: Update Your iOS Device

Every iOS device needs to be updated from time to time to keep the device updated, to add new features, to remove bugs and to remove other problems related to your iOS device.

To check your device is updated or not you need to open Settings app then go to General option and then tap on Software Update. If there is any new update is available then it will automatically ask you to install the latest update.

Note: Updating the iOS device to the latest version will not delete any data from your smartphone.

Solution 6: Log-Out And Again Log-In To Your Apple ID

Another way to get rid of iMessage doesn’t say delivered is to sign out your Apple ID and after that again sign in to it.

Follow the below steps to fix iMessages issue on iOS device.

Step 1: On your iOS device open Settings and then tap on Messages option.

Step 2: After that tap on Send & Receive option and enter your Apple ID.

Step 3: Now, sign-out and all your details will be removed except the phone number.

Sign Out and Then Sign-In To Your iMessages

Step 4: Next, choose Use your Apple ID for iMessage and again sign-in to it. This process will take a few minutes so keep patience.

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Solution 7: Remove Earlier iMessages Of Few Contacts

If this issue is happening with only one or two contacts then you should delete all the earlier iMessages of that contacts and again start by swiping left on it and select Delete.

Note: If you don’t want to lose important messages of that person then hold the important and recent iMessges and copy it into notes or other places as a backup.

After taking backup of important messages you need to tap on More and choose all the messages that you have sent since the issue start occurring. After that tap on Trash symbol at the bottom left.

Solution 8: Change Your SIM Card

iMessage doesn’t say delivered error may occur if the SIM card has out of his slot. So, to fix this check it out.

iMessage problem can also cause if your SIM card has some problem. So, to fix this you can take the help of the service provider and ask them if there is any problem with your SIM card. You can also take another SIM card with the same number.

Solution 9: Add Email ID With The Contact

If you have not saved the recipient number with the Email ID then save it, may this can solve the issue. It is very easy because almost all user who uses iMessage already saved the number with the Apple Email ID.

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Solution 10: Reset All Settings

If still, you have not solved the iMessage issue then lastly you should reset all settings. This will fix the iMessage issue if it is causing due to Settings related bugs.

Don’t Worry! Resetting all settings will not erase any data from your device.

To reset all setting you need to go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Don’t tap on erase everything or other options.

Reset All Settings On iPhone

After doing this you can set up network (VPN and Wi-Fi) settings and sign in to accounts again.

Wrap Up

I hope iMessage doesn’t say “Delivered” issue has been solved after applying the above 10 Solutions.

But if still, you are facing the problem then the problem is not with your device, the problem is with the person’s device to whom you are sending the iMessage, or may they have changed their phone number and have not informed you about it or maybe they have blocked you.