How Do I Get Rid Of Bookmark Sidebar On iPad?

How To Hide Bookmarks Sidebar On iPad

If you are an iPad user then you would have come across the sidebar on your iPad while using Safari or other apps. This is a good feature and it helps users to easily open the website which you have bookmarked earlier.

But some users don’t like this feature due to many reasons. One of the primary reasons is it captures more space on the screen and you can only view the site in the remaining space.

So, if you also want to remove the bookmark sidebar from your iPad then this tutorial will surely help you. Here, I have shared some easy and proven solutions to get rid of bookmark sidebar on iPad.

Let us check out some real user’s practical scenarios and then we will learn the solutions to remove bookmark sidebar on iPad.

Practical Scenario 1: An iPad User Is Finding Solutions To Eliminate Bookmarks On Safari Screen

How do I remove the sidebar on my Ipad?

On the safari screen there is a side bar with Bookmarks, reading list and history.  How do I eliminate or narrow down the sidebar?

Source: Apple Support Community

Practical Scenario 2: An iPad User Want To Hide The Bookmark Sidebar

Auto hide the bookmarks sidebar on iPad in landscape

The new behavior of the bookmarks sidebar is frustrating me. I am hoping that someone knows a way to make the sidebar disappear in the landscape mode without tapping the bookmark icon again to close it. I don’t see the logic in selecting a bookmark then having the sidebar stay open on 1/3 of the screen unless you manually close it. Please tell me there is a fix.

Source: Apple Support Community

From the above practical scenarios, you have seen that like you many users also want to hide the bookmark sidebar on iPad.

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Solution 1: Hide Bookmark Sidebar In Safari

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the sidebar on iPad is to hide the bookmark bar on Safari. But remember that once you hide the sidebar, you will not be able to access your bookmarks. But you can restore the bar.

Note: Remember that the “Always Show Bookmarks Bar” option only comes on older iOS.

Below, learn the steps to hide bookmark sidebar on Safari.

Step 1: Run the Settings app from the springboard on your iPad.

Step 2: Now, find Safari option and tap on it, then it will open the Safari browser settings menu.

Step 3: Next, you need to find “Always Show Bookmarks Bar” option and turn off the option.

You can also use another shortcut way to hide the bookmark bar in Safari.

Step 1: On Safari, you need to tap on View menu.

Step 2: Find “Hide Bookmarks Bar” option and turn on it. Or you can press “Command + Shift + B” shortcut key to hide the bookmark.

Hide Bookmark Sidebar In Safari

Now you can again open the Safari browser on your iPad and you will not see the sidebar on the iPad.

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Solution 2: Directly Remove An Individual Bookmark In Safari On iPad

You can also get rid of the bookmark in Safari by deleting entire bookmarks that you have bookmarked on your iPad. If you don’t use the bookmarks much then it is a good way to remove them.

Follow the below steps to delete an individual bookmark in Safari on iPad.

Step 1: On your iPad open the Safari browser.

Step 2: At the bottom right side you will find a book-like icon, just tap on it and this will open the bookmarks menu.

Remove An Individual Bookmark In Safari

Step 3: Here, you will view all the bookmarks that you have saved earlier. To remove and edit the bookmarks you need to tap on Edit at the bottom right corner.

Remove An Individual Bookmark In Safari On iPad

Step 4: You will find a red minus sign beside each of your bookmarks. Now, you can tap on the individual bookmark and it will be deleted. You need to do the same with each bookmark which you wish to remove from the bookmark.

Directly Remove An Individual Bookmark In Safari On iPad

That’s It! All your selected bookmarks will be removed from your iPad.

Note: This method will temporarily delete the bookmarks as you can recover the deleted safari data from iCloud.

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Solution 3: Get Rid Of Bookmark Sidebar In Chrome On iPad

You can remove the bookmark sidebar in Google Chrome on iPad easily.

So to remove it you need to open Chrome on your iPad and in the Bookmarks menu click on Show bookmarks bar to turn on the bookmarks bar off and on. A checkmark next to the option indicates that the bookmarks bar is turned on and displayed.

Solution 4: Close The Bookmark Sidebar On iPad

You can also get rid of sidebar on iPad by tapping on solid blue bookmark icon on the top left. That will give you access to hide and show the sidebar.

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FAQs (Related Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1 – How To Get Rid Of Bookmark Split Screen On iPad?

Answer 1 – You can easily get rid of bookmark split screen on iPad.

So, to do this drag the tab/tabs from one screen to another. When you dragged the last tab to the opposite side then Safari will enable the full screen and the split view will be turned off.

Note: Remember to cover the other tab you need to drag the entire tab, not just the link.

You can also disable it by tapping and holding the tabs icon which is similar to overlapping squares. After this choose Merge All Windows. Doing this will merge all your Safari tabs into a single window.

Question 2 – How To Get Rid Of Toolbar On iPad?

Answer 2 – You can easily get rid of toolbar on iPad.

Here follow the steps to do so.

Step 1: On your iPad open “Settings”.

Step 2: Now, scroll down using the sidebar and hit on “Safari”.

Step 3: Next, on Safari settings, swipe up to find “Tabs” section. Then turn off the switch beside the “Show Tab Bar” to get rid of toolbar on iPad.

Wrap Up

Well, that was how to get rid of bookmark sidebar on iPad. I hope the solutions that I have mentioned above have ideally helped you to remove the bookmark on iPad. And now you are using your Safari or other web browsers on full screen without any bookmark bar.