[Issue Solved]: Unsupported Video Format Error On iPhone/iPad

How To Fix Unsupported Video Format Error On iPhone

Learn 4 Effective Solutions To Fix “Unsupported Video Format” or “Unable To Play Video” Error On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Over the internet I have found that there are many users encountering with the following issues while playing video files on their iPhone and iPad:

  • Unsupported video format error on iPhone/iPad.
  • iPhone display “unsupported video format null” error while playing video file?
  • This video cannot be played because the file format is unsupported on iPhone or iPad.
  • Video format is not supported on iPhone or iPad.
  • Unsupported video format this movie cannot be played because the video format is not supported.

If you are also among those iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users, encountering with the above-mentioned problem, then just relax. In this article you are going to learn some effective solutions and amazing tip that will help you to fix unsupported video format error and easily play those unplayable video files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with ease.

Let’s start with real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: iPhone 6 Not Able To Play Movie Because Video Format Is Not Supported

Unsupported Video Format – This movie cannot be played because the video format is not supported.

Videos I shot with my iPhone will no longer play on my iPhone. When I try to Play them I get the spinning wheel then receive the message “Unsupported Video Format This movie cannot be played because the video format is not supported.”. This just started today. I’ve changed nothing nor have I added anything. The Phone is a 6 running 10.1.1. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

iPhone 6, iOS 10.1.1

Source: Apple Community

Well, it is absolutely a real headache when iOS refused to play video file and shows an error message “Unsupported video format” or “Unable to Play Video“.

There could be various causes for this particular problem to encounter with video files and it typically becomes quite difficult for user to detect the root cause for the problem. Some of the causes are mentioned below.

Reasons: Why Unsupported Video Format Error Occurs?

It has been generally observed that the unsupported video format error occurs due to:

  • When video import process gets interrupted.
  • iPhone or iPad gets switched OFF while MOV video files is being transferred.
  • Video files might be downloaded from untrusted source.
  • Damaged or corruption found in header part of the MOV video files.
  • Improper update or other apps conflicts.
  • And so on…

In any of the above-mentioned scenario, you may encounter unsupported video format issue on your iPhone or iPad.

So, now the question arises – How to fix unsupported video format on iPhone or iPad?

Well, there are few solutions and tip that can help you to fix and play unsupported video format on your iPhone or iPad which is mentioned-below. But before that transfer/move those video files to other iPhone/iPad or Mac to check if unsupported videos play there or not.

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Solution 1: Free Up Space or Change The Codec To Play Unable To Play Video

In order to fix “Unable to Play Video” error on iPhone or iPad, simply free up some space. So, first check if your iOS device has enough storage. After that you can easily record video and view videos again without any problem.

If that doesn’t fix your problem, then change the codec that iPhone/iPad uses for recording videos in the Camera Settings. In camera settings, find format settings. If you have video files that was taken in “High Efficiency” mode in iOS 10, then it will not supported on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 11 or higher.

For your information, iOS 12/11 and higher version encodes video in .h265 format while iOS 10 and lower versions encode the video in .h264 format for MOV, MP4, or M4V video formats. However, on Windows PC, you can use VLC media player to play video without any error.

Solution 2: Convert Video Format To iPhone/iPad Supported Format

You can also convert the file format of your video to playable and supported iPhone/iPad file format. There is lots of video converter software available online that can make this task mush easier for you. But you have to be very careful about untrustworthy apps that may further cause corruption to your existing files instead of converting them to specified format.

Here I recommend you to use iTunes to convert your unsupported video format to iPhone/iPad supported file format.

Honestly speaking, converting unsupported files to some other supported file formats will eventually make video files playable on your iPhone or iPad.

Solution 3: Try m3u Universal Player For iPhone and iPad

There is another useful app available in App Store named as – m3u Universal Player. Just as name says, the Universal Movie Player support huge amount of supported video formats. You just have to import your videos either or direct transfer and they will be instantly viewable and playable regardless of media type.

This is really one of those apps that you didn’t know until you have it. The app requirement is iOS 9.0 or higher versions.

However, if you are looking for any alternative app to play unsupported video format on iPhone or iPad, then you can go for VLC for Mobile app which is free in iTunes App Store and its requirement is iOS 9.0 or higher versions.

Now the question arises – What if none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you? How do you fix iPhone video format not supported error?

In such case, follow the next solution mentioned-below!

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Solution 4: Repair Damaged or Corrupted MOV Video Files

One of the reasons is the corruption or damage of MOV video files and therefore, your iPhone or iPad display “unsupported video format error”. Unfortunately, iPhone or iPad does not have any utility that can carry out to repair and fix this issue.

But you don’t need to get worried about it. You can easily fix corrupted or damaged MOV video files by using professional MOV Video Repair Tool For Windows or MOV Video Repair Tool For Mac (just Google it and you will find it). Such software is designed to repair corrupted/damaged MOV as well MP4 video format. Try it now to fix the issue.


So guys, those were some effective solutions that you can follow to repair and fix “Unsupported video format error” on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

This error can occur to any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users, so friends, please share this article as it can help anyone out there encountering with same error message.