iPhone Battery Draining Very Fast After iOS 15 Update? Here What To Do?

How To Fix iPhone Battery Draining Very Fast After iOS Update

Follow Some Effective Solutions To Fix iPhone Battery Draining Very Faster After iOS 15 Update!

Overview: There is no doubt that iOS 15 comes with a pack of cool new features, but after going through several forums and community websites, I have found that there are many iPhone user asking help or complaining that their iPhone battery is draining faster after iOS 15 update. Well, if you are also experiencing the same problem, then don’t worry as in this post you will learn – how to fix iPhone battery draining very fast after iOS 15 update?  So, just go through follow the solutions.

Alright, let’s start with real users practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: Battery Draining On iPhone XR After Upgrading To iOS 15

Battery drain on ios15

I upgraded to 15 and I’m loving all the new features, but the battery drain feels like ios11 all over again. Anybody else having this issue? Dark mode is on. Edit: Using an XR, been using 15 since launch day.

Practical Scenario 2: Battery Draining Very Quickly After iOS 15 Update On iPhone 6s Plus

Battery is draining drastically after IOS 15 update

Hi Apple,

Recently I have updated my iPhone 12 plus to ios 15.After the update my phone battery is getting drained very early.

Before the upgrade I used to charge my phone at once in a day.But now I have to charge my phone thrice in a day.

Even if I use whatsapp or music app the phone battery gets 20%  right from the 100% in just 2 n half hour.

Guys i had updated my phone  assuming that ios 15 have something new,something good but experience is terrible.Also the camera is not working when I make video call.I have to drop the call and again have to call the person.

The 15 is totally not recommendable update yet

Practical Scenario 3: iPhone 11 Pro Battery Is Draining After iOS 15 Update

iOS 15 Significant Impact to battery life.

I’ve noticed a significant impact to the battery life of my 11 Pro since installing iOS 15. I would average approximately 15 to 20% remaining end of day With average use. Post install I’m seeing between five and 10% remaining end of day.

Average use is approximately 5 to 6 hours per day with non-charge time of 10 to 14 hours.

It’s also safe to note that I’ve noticed a significant increase in the heat output of the back of the phone since installing iOS 15. Enough to become discomfort while in pocket.

That was just three examples, but there are many iPhone users out there experiencing with the battery draining problem after iOS 15 update.

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So, now the question arises – how to fix battery draining very fast on iPhone after iOS 15 update?

Continue reading the post to find out the solutions by yourself and fix iPhone draining very quickly after iOS 15 update and thereby improve battery life.

Solution 1: Install New Software Updates To iOS And Apps As Soon As Possible

iOS 15 released and just like the previous year, it is assumed that Apple will quickly release the new update to fix the bugs which might go unnoticed by most of the users because of their release proximity to one another. Hence, it is suggested that you must check for software updates for your iOS and install them as soon as they arrive.

You can check for the software updates for your iOS device by going to Settings> General> Software Update.

Similarly, you must update all your apps because some apps may have bugs that might be consuming more battery power. For iOS 15 or higher, you can update the apps by going to App Store> Click on your profile icon located at the corner > Updates.

Update All Apps On iPhone

Software updates and App updates contain bug fixes and improvements and if a bug or some known issues is affecting battery life then it’s likely to be fixed in future software and apps update.

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Solution 2: Check If Battery Is Healthy And Functioning Properly

To check if battery is functioning at peak performance or not, you can check it in Battery Settings.

  • Go to Settings and then tap on “Battery”.
  • Go to “Battery Health”.

Check iPhone Battery Health

If the battery is not functioning at peak performance, then it means that your battery is affected seriously and it needs to be replaced to restore to functions at its peak performance and expected battery life to the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Solution 3: Check What’s Consuming Battery Power On iOS 15

You can easily check which apps and activity is consuming battery power on iOS 15 via Settings app.

  • Go to Settings and then tap on “Battery”.
  • Now you can check the list to see which apps and activity/services are consuming battery.

You will always find that the apps that uses location or video consumes more battery life, so apps for video streaming, games and social media sites are often using lots of battery power.

If you see that a particular app is consuming more battery and you don’t even use that particular app then simply uninstalling the app from your device is good – why you should keep the app that you don’t use?

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Solution 4: Dim The Brightness Of The Screen And Use Black Wallpaper

Honestly speaking, maximum the screen brightness is the more battery power it will consume even after iOS 15 upgrade.

So, it is suggested that you must reduce the screen brightness.

  • Go to Settings and tap on “General”.
  • Tap on “Accessibility” and then tap “Display & Text Size”.
  • Now toggle “Auto-Brightness” to ON.

Turn On Auto Brightness On iPhone

Alternatively you can adjust the display brightness by opening the Control Center by simply swiping down from the upper right corner of the screen for iPhone X or later. If you have iPhone 8 or earlier, then open Control Center by simply swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

After that drag the brightness slider to the lower position or as near to lower as you can still go and comfortably read your display.

Adjust The Brightness of iPhone Via Control Center

Similarly, keeping white or colorful wallpaper also consumes lots of energy and this may result in faster draining of battery. So, here also it is recommended that you must keep black wallpaper.

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Solution 5: Disable Background App Refresh Mode

When Background App refresh mode is enabled, then apps which are inactive, gets updated in the background, thereby it leads to the negative impact on the battery life.

Therefore, it is suggested that you must disable Background App Refresh mode as it will help you to fix iPad/iPhone battery drain very fast problem after iOS 15 update.

Here follow the steps to turn OFF Background App Refresh Mode on iOS device:

  • Go to Settings on your device.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Background App Refresh.
  • Now toggle the button to the OFF.

Turn Off Background App Refresh Mode

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Solution 6: Turn OFF Location Services And Raise To Wake Mode

If location services is ON such as GPS and features such as Raise to Wake is ON, then it significantly consume more battery power even when you are not using your iPhone or iPad.

So, unnecessary use of GPS services by the apps when it is enabled on iOS 15 and on the other hand Raise to Wake Mode is enabled then it keeps waking the screen when device detect slight movement, for example when one is jogging or walking. Both features when ON, leads to negative impact on battery life.

Hence, you must limit the usage of Location services. To do this, go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services.

Turn OFF Location Services For App On iPhone

To disable Rise to wake mode, go to Settings> Display & Brightness> Raise to Wake> Toggle the button to OFF position.

Turn On Raise To Wake Feature On iPhone

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Solution 7: Enable Low Power Mode

Turning ON low power mode will help you to save battery power as it disable some of the unwanted features turn off background activity. Enabling this mode can assist you in solving the faster draining of battery on iPhone/iPad after iOS upgrade.

To turn ON this mode, go to Settings> Battery> Low Power Mode> Toggle the button to ON position.

Turn On Low Power Mode On iPhone

Solution 8: Decrease The Number Of Widgets On The Lock Screen

Let me tell you that Widgets allow users to instantly view the information in the Today View such as calendar events for the day, notes, weather report, activity progress and lot more.

But honestly speaking, all those widgets consume battery power to keep updated. If your iPhone/iPad battery is draining too quickly, then you must remove the widgets that you don’t need.

You can access the Today View from the Home Screen by simply swiping right from the Home Screen. You can also access the Today View from the Lock Screen by simply swiping right from the main lock screen.

Here follow the steps to remove the widgets that you don’t need:

  • When you are on Today View screen, scroll down and tap “Edit”.
  • If you are accessing Today View from the lock screen, then you have to unlock your phone to make changes.
  • From here, you can remove or add widgets.
  • In order to remove the widgets, simply tap on red circle that is located next to a widget name.
  • This will display a Remove button, simply tap on “Remove”.
  • Finally tap “Done”.

Reduce The Number Of Widgets On iPhone

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Solution 9: Enable Airplane Mode And Use Wi-Fi In Locations With Poor Network

If you are outdoor and in a location with a poor cellular network, then in such place you must use Wi-Fi if any secure Wi-Fi network is available instead using your cellular data plan. It is because in a place with poor cellular network, your iPhone will constantly search for cell signal and that will exhaust your battery in no time.

So, in order to avoid iPhone battery drain,

On iPhone 8 (Plus) and older, open Control Center by simply swiping UP from the bottom of the Home Screen and then tap on Airplane mode icon to turn it ON (the icon looks like miniature airplane).

On iPhone X and later, open Control Center by simply swiping down from the upper-right corner of the screen and then tap on Airplane mode icon to turn it ON.

Turning ON Airplane mode and using Wi-Fi in location with poor network reception will help you to save lots of battery power.

However, once you returned back to a location with a strong cellular network signal, you can follow the same steps to turn OFF Airplane mode.

Solution 10: Wait For Few Days And See If Things Improves

After updating your iPhone/iPad to new iOS, the updated iOS has various tasks to do such as re-indexing and re-categorizing data for an optimized and smother running which runs in the background or when you do not use your iOS device.

These processes in the backgrounds drain up the battery faster than usual. The solution for this is to wait for few days and allow your iPhone/iPad to get back to normal after re-indexing and re-categorizing of data is done.

Wrap Up

So, guys those were some useful and effective tips that will help you to fix iPhone battery draining very fast after iOS 15 update.

However, you have to keep one thing in mind is that after updating your iPhone to new iOS and if suddenly start to consume more battery, then it is suggested that you must first allow your device to wait for some days and see if things improves. If not then you can follow other solutions mentioned-above in this post.