How To Delete iTunes Backup In Windows 10 [2 Solutions]

Two Solutions To Delete iTunes Backup On Windows 10

Learn 2 Effective Solutions To Delete/Remove iPhone Backup In iTunes On Windows 10!

Almost every iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user back up their device data to iTunes on their Windows computer. iTunes has data encryption limitations and due to this you can’t view and edit iTunes backup. When you enable iTunes backup on your PC then all your data automatically get back up.

Well, you may need to delete the iTunes backup when you have planned to sell or switch to another phone. So, if you want know how to delete iTunes backup on your Windows 10 then this article is for you. Here you will learn 2 easy solutions on how to delete iTunes backup in Windows 10.

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Save The iTunes Backup To A Safe Place On Your PC Before Deleting iTunes Backup

You should save the iTunes backup file to a safe place then delete the backup file as if you need any data from iTunes backup in the future then you can easily use that file from the backup file.

Remember Few Things To Avoid Losing Precious Data

  • iTunes and Finder both make backups in the Backup folder but its location are not the same. Different OS has a different location of the backup folder. You can copy the folder but you can’t transfer it to a network drive, single folder or external drive.
  • Your data will be damaged if you have previously relocated, renamed extracted or edited any data type from the backup files. The backup is a safe folder but you can’t view the files which get stored.

Well, before you delete the backup file, you need to first locate the iTunes backup location on windows 10. So, follow the below steps to find iTunes backup files on Windows 10.

Step 1: On your Windows 10 click on Search bar.

Step 2: Then on search bar enter %USERPROFILE% or %appdata%.

Step 3: Now, click the Return tab.

Step 4: After that go to Apple Computer/Apple > MobileSync > Backup.

Find iTunes Backup Location On Windows Computer

Now, you can delete the backup file. There are two ways to delete the iTunes backup on Windows 10. In Solution 1, learn how to delete the iTunes backup directly on and in Solution 2, learn how to delete iTunes backup manually.

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Solution 1: How To Delete iTunes Backup Directly In Windows 10

Step 1: On your Windows 10 PC launch iTunes.

Step 2: After that go to Edit > Preferences screen in iTunes.

Delete iTunes Backup In Windows Computer

Step 3: Now, from Device Preferences screen you need to click on Devices. Then under “Device Backup” section, you will find all the devices that you have used to back up data via iTunes.

Step 4: Next, choose the device whose backup you wish to delete and click on “Delete Backup” button.

Steps To Delete iTunes Backup On Windows Computer 10

Step 5: Now, you will get a confirmation dialog box. Here, click on “Delete” button to confirm the process and then lastly hit on OK button.

Delete iPhone Backup In iTunes On Windows 10

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Solution 2: How To Delete iTunes Backup Manually On Windows 10

If solution 1 failed to delete the iTunes backup due to any reason then you can delete the iTunes backups on Windows 10 manually. When you backup your iOS device via iTunes then it creates local files on your computer. So, you can delete the iTunes backup by deleting those local files.

Here, follow the steps to delete the iPhone backup from iTunes on Windows 10.

Step 1: To find the backed up data in Windows 10 you need to enter C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup. It is very complicated and sometimes the backup files are hidden.

Step 2: If you don’t find the backed-up file then enter %appdata% in the search box which is situated just near the Windows Start button.

Step 3: Now, the backup folder will be opened. After that go to Apple Computer > MobileSync > Backup.

Delete iPhone Backup In iTunes On Windows Computer

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iTunes Backup On Windows PC Related FAQs

How to change iTunes backup location on Windows 10?

Step 1: Use the Windows Run command to open the default backup location in Explorer. Press Window button + R, it will display the Run window. Then enter %APPDATA%\Apple Computer\MobileSync and press Enter key.

Step 2: Now, you will see a “Backup” name folder in Explorer window. The backup contains any iTunes backups which are already present on your PC. To change the iTunes backup location, you must rename, switch or delete the backup folder. For instance, you can rename the folder to “Backup (Old)”.

Step 3: When you have renamed, switched or deleted the backup folder, a symbolic link will be appeared to the desired backup location. In order to do this, a Command window must be opened. Hold Shift and right-click in the MobileSync Explorer window that you have just opened. Now, you will see a menu with “Open command window here” or “Open PowerShell window here” option. Click on it.

Step 4: Enter mklink /d Backup “[desired-new-backup-path]” command. Then click Enter key and the changing iTunes backup process will be finished.

Step 5: Once your PC restart, you will find the iTunes backup in the new location.

Where does iTunes store backup on Windows 10?

The iTunes backup stores in –\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup on Windows 10.

Wrap Up

I hope, you have successfully deleted iTunes backup from your Windows 10. You should always keep a safe copy of the backup file before deleting the backup file as whenever you need any data from that backup then on that time you can easily use it.