How Do I Delete Duplicate Photos From iCloud?

How To Delete Duplicate Photos On iCloud

Learn 4 Effective Solutions To Erase Duplicate Pictures On iCloud!

Overview: Do you want to delete duplicate photos from iCloud? If “YES” then you have come in right place. In this article I am going to discuss how do I deleted duplicate photos from iCloud. Just go through the solutions mentioned in the article and find out how to detect and delete duplicate photos on iCloud.

iCloud is a storage service and it includes Photo Stream, iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Drive, iTunes Match and Apple Music. iCloud store different data types and it also automatically sync your data like photos, contacts, music, videos and documents from your phone.

Apple provides their users to store up to 5 GB of data for free but all Mac/iOS users can face the shortage of storage space problem due to duplicate photos available in iCloud. When these duplicate images become more then it take lots of space on your cloud storage. And when the storage space gets filled then you need to buy more storage space and pay money for it.

I have seen that many users are searching how to delete duplicate photos on iCloud drive.

For example, just check out the below real users practical scenarios.

Practical Scenario 1: A User Looking For A Solution On How To Remove Duplicate Photos From iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library : Remove duplicate photos functionality badly needed

I’m a subscriber to the iCloud Photo Library service. Through no fault of mine, things like enabling and disabling icloud has caused many duplicate photos/videos.

iCloud Photo Library really needs a “remove duplicates” functionality.

Anyone else has this problem?

Edit: I have submitted a feedback with this reddit thread embedded, thanks all.

Source: Reddit

Practical Scenario 2:  A Mac User Want To Delete Duplicate Photos On iCloud

How do I delete duplicate photos on iCloud easily?

I have 40,000 photos uploading to iCloud from my dying Mac desktop. How do I delete duplicate photos in iCloud (it appears to duplicate photos from photo stream onto my laptop)?

Source: Apple Discussion

That was just two examples but there are many iPhone, Mac and iOS users out there who are encountering with such type of issues.

I have gone through several forums or community websites and I have found that there are many users are asking about does iCloud remove duplicate photos and how to remove duplicate pictures on iCloud?

Alright, without wasting any more time, let us now learn the 4 different solutions to delete/erase duplicate photos on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Mac from iCloud.

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Solution 1: Delete Duplicate Photos From iCloud Manually

You can erase your duplicate pictures from iCloud manually and for that you need to launch a browser on your computer and then log-in to with your Apple ID. After that go to “Photos” tab and then select “All Photos”. After that choose the duplicate images which you want to delete by viewing the photo’s icons and to select them you need to press and keep holding the command key and click on the identical or very similar images. When selecting process gets completed, then at last press “Delete” button.

Manually Delete Duplicate Photos From iCloud

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Solution 2: Erase Duplicate Pictures From iCloud By Using Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File Finder” is an application that is designed to detect and remove duplicate photos from iCloud, Mac as well as from any external storage devices.

Now, follow the below steps to find and delete duplicate pictures from iCloud by using Duplicate File Finder application:

Step 1: First of all you need to sign into your iCloud account and under system preferences enable iCloud photos.

Enable iCloud Photos

Step 2: After that open the Duplicate File Finder and in the application interface click on “Choose Folder” and then choose “Photo Library” option and then click on “Scan” key.

Search For Duplicate Photos From iCloud Photo Library

Note: If iCloud backup (synchronization) is enabled within iCloud Photos then it will back up all your images and videos which you add to your Photos app. And vice versa, any changes made to photos app will sync to your iCloud storage. But Duplicate File Finder helps you to scan your synchronized Photo Library as it is the quickest way to find duplicate photos in iCloud.

Step 3: The scan result will show up in short time. You can tap on “Auto Select” as this will enable Duplicate File Finder app to automatically select the duplicate photos for removal. Or you can check every photo and select the duplicate photos group which you want to delete.

Step 4: When you have selected the pictures to delete, tap on “Review & Remove” button. After that preview the selected photos and when all is Ok then tap on “Remove” button to confirm the removal of the selected images.

Delete Duplicate Photos From iCloud Via Duplicate File Finder

In case, if Duplicate File Finder asks you to give access to your photos, then simply tap on “OK” to grant permission and proceed with the removal process.

Step 5: The application will move all the pictures which you have selected to remove to your Duplicate Photos album. To completely delete them from iCloud account follow the last step.

Step 6: Go to Photos app and in the sidebar below “My Albums”, choose “Selected Duplicate Photos” album. Then select all images in that album. After that on the right-click menu, choose “Delete Photos” option.

Erasing Duplicate Photos From iCloud By Using Duplicate File Finder

That’s it! Not too long, all the changes will sync to your iCloud Photo Library and all duplicate photos will get disappeared from your iCloud storage as well from photos app.

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Solution 3: Erase Duplicate Images From iCloud By Using Duplicate Sweeper

Duplicate Sweeper is computer software that is designed to remove duplicate photos from iCloud, PC or Mac. But before using Duplicate Sweeper make sure that your iCloud Drive is set up on your PC or Mac.

Below, follow the steps to use Duplicate Sweeper to delete duplicate photos from iCloud:

Step 1: First make sure that iCloud drive is set up on your computer (PC/Mac). Here learn how to set-up iCloud drive on your computer from the Apple official website – Set up and use iCloud for Windows.

While setting up iCloud, you have to download and install iCloud on your computer and then enable iCloud Drive. You will now see iCloud Drive folder in your File Explorer.

Set-up iCloud Drive On Computer

Step 2: Now launch the “Duplicate Sweeper” and then at the bottom-left side of the window click on “Add Folder” button. Now choose your iCloud Drive folder and then hit on “OK” button. On the upper-right side of the window click on “Start Duplicate Search”.

Start Duplicate Search To Find Duplicate Files From iCloud Drive

Duplicate Sweeper will now scan the iCloud drive folder and it will display the result with the list of any duplicate files it has found.

Step 5: You can manually select the duplicate files by checking the file’s relative checkbox that you want to remove. Or you can select the option “Keep All Newest” to select the oldest files automatically to remove.

Step 6: Finally, hit on “Recycle Selected Duplicates” button and confirm to delete selected duplicate photos.

Recycle Selected Duplicates To Delete Duplicate Files From iCloud Drive

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Video Tutorial: How To Delete Duplicate Photos From iCloud With Duplicate  Sweeper

You can also watch the video of above-mentioned steps to delete duplicated pictures on iCloud with the help of Duplicate Sweeper software.

Video Source: Wide Angle Software

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Solution 4: Use Third Party Software To Remove Duplicate Photos From iCloud

You can also use cleaning apps to find your duplicate photos in iCloud. Just like Duplicate File Finder app there are many cleaner apps in Apple’s Store but they could be little bit different in function.  

The app will check photo library and if there is duplicate pictures then it will allow the users to check the photos before you delete them.

You can install any one of such duplicate photo cleaner app from Apple Store and then follow the below steps to delete duplicate photos:

Step 1: Download and install and launch the selected App from the App Store.

Step 3: After that scan the iCloud Photo Library in app’s interface and start the scanning process. But make sure that no images are opened at that time on your device.

Step 4: Once the scanning process gets completed, then check the result and preview the duplicate detected photos.

Step 5: Lastly choose the pictures which you want to delete and send those photos to trash.


I hope that from the above 4 solutions you have learned and were able to delete duplicate photos from iCloud. It is natural that nobody wants to keep duplicate photos in their iCloud drive whether you are accessing it on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, PC or Mac computer.