Why Is My Airdrop Not Working On iPhone [10 Fixes]

How To Fix AirDrop Not Working On iPhone

Learn 8 Different And Effective Solutions To Fix Airdrop Not Working On iPhone!

Do you want to transfer pictures, videos, and other data from your iPhone to your Mac computer or other iOS device or from another iOS device or Mac computer to your iPhone?

But your Airdrop is not working on your iPhone and you don’t know why your Airdrop is not working on your iPhone. Don’t Panic! You can fix your Airdrop easily and use it to transfer different files. Here, I have shared 8 effective and easy solutions to fix AirDrop not working on iPhone and reasons for why Airdrop is not working on iPhone.

Let us first check out some real user practical scenarios.

Practical Scenario 1: An iPhone 8 User Is Unable To Find Other Device On iPhone And Vice Versa

AirDrop not working on my iPhone 8

AirDrop- My iPhone cannot see others and vice versa.

I have tried several times.

Any tips on how to solve the problem?

Source: Apple Community

Practical Scenario 2: An iPhone 11 User Is Facing Problem In Sending Pictures Though Airdrop

Airdrop not working on my new iPhone 11

I can’t send my pictures to my MacBook Air because when I choose Airdop after tapping the share icon, nothing happens!!  What is the deal.  I’ve checked to make sure my bluetooth is turned on in both areas, but the airdrop is still not working!   Help!!

Source: Apple Community

Now let us know why Airdrop not working on iPhone.

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Why Is My Airdrop Not Working On iPhone?

There are some reasons due to which your iPad is not working on your iPhone. Some of them are discussed below.

  • When your iPhone and other iOS device or Mac is not updated to its latest version.
  • Maybe the Bluetooth of both devices is not turned on.
  • If the Airplane mode or Do Not Disturb feature is enabled on your iPhone.
  • When Wi-Fi on both iOS devices is not enabled.
  • If the Wi-Fi connection is not good then also Airdrop will not work on your iPhone.
  • If you will not keep both devices within 30 feet then also Airdrop will not work on your iPhone.

These are some of the reasons which can affect the working of Airdrop on your iPhone.

So, let us now learn the solutions to fix Airdrop not working on iPhone.

Note: Below mentioned all the solutions will be applicable on all iPhone models such as iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max), iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 mini, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS, iPhone Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7Plus, iPhone 6/6Plus/6s/6s Plus, and all other models.

Solution 1: Restart Your iPhone

The most common solution to fix many issues on smartphones is to restart the phone. Maybe this will help you to fix Airdrop not working on iPhone.

To restart iPhone, you need to press and hold both Home + Power buttons together and when you see the Apple logo on the screen then leave both buttons. This will also fix “Bluetooth not working” issue.

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Solution 2: Check Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

Check Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Secondly, you should check that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both iPhone and the device which you are connecting to transfer files. Also, check that the Wi-Fi speed is good so that it can transfer files from one device to another easily.

If you are not sure about your connectivity, then you can Power off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and restart them. You can also sign out of your Wi-Fi account and sign in again which will refresh their performance.

Solution 3: Check Airplane Mode And Do Not Disturb Mode

If Airplane mode or Do Not Disturb mode is enabled on your iPhone then Airdrop will not work properly. So, you should check both features on your iPhone.

Check Airplane Mode And Do Not Disturb Mode

To check Airplane mode, go to Settings and then tap Airplane Mode. Or you can directly access Airplane mode settings from the quick settings menu. If it is enabled then tap on it to disable it.

Do Not Disturb in iPhone and on Mac can stop Airdrop to work properly. This will prevent the Airdrop request for seeing and make the device undiscoverable.

But when you are on Do Not Disturb mode, you can send files using Airdrop.

On iPhone: To disable Do Not Disturb mode, go to Quick settings and from there tap on Do Not Disturb option to disable it if it is enabled.

On Mac: Open the notification panel by clicking on the Notification menu bar item. After that, scroll up (even you are already at the top) to see Do Not Disturb settings. If required turn on the feature.

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Solution 4: Reset Network Settings

If the above solutions didn’t help then you can reset the network setting on your iPhone to fix the Wi-Fi connection issue as well as Airdrop not working on iPhone.

Follow the below steps to reset network settings.

Step 1: On your iPhone, tap on Settings icon and then tap on “General”.

Step 2: Now Select “Reset” and then tap on “Reset Network Settings”.

Reset Network Settings

Solution 5: Re-sign In iCloud

Resign into iCloud

You can also fix Airdrop “allow me to be discovered by” not showing problem by re-signing into your iCloud.

To re-sign to iCloud, go to Settings, and then tap on your name. After that go to iCloud and first sign out from iCloud and then re-sign.

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Solution 6: Hard Reset Your iPhone & Mac

You can also hard reset your iPhone to fix Airdrop won’t work on iPhone.

Here, follow the steps to hard reset your iPhone.

For iPhone 6s And Earlier:

Step 1: Press and hold On/Off button on the right side (iPhone 6/6s) or Top for other iPhone.

Step 2: While you are holding the On/Off button, you need to press and hold Home button.

Step 3: Hold both keys until the screen turns off and then turns back on and shows the Apple logo on the screen.

Hard Reset iPhone 6

For iPhone 7:

Step 1: Press and hold On/Off keys on the right side.

Step 2: Keep holding the above key and press and hold the Volume Down key.

Step 3: Keep holding both keys unless you see your phone screen turns off and then back on and show the Apple logo.

Hard Reset iPhone 7

For iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/X/8:

Step 1: Press Volume Up key and let it go.

Step 2: Press Volume Down key and let it go.

Step 3: Press and hold Sleep/Wake key.

Step 4: Keep holding the Side button, even your device screen turns off.

Hard Reset iPhone 8 And Newer Version

On Mac:

Step 1: Click on Apple icon on the Menu bar.

Step 2: Then, click on Restart.

Restart Mac

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Solution 7: Install Latest iOS Version

If your iPhone is still running on an older version then it could cause iPhone Airdrop not working issue. So, to fix this you need to install the latest iOS version.

Note: Before updating your iPhone, you must create a backup of all important data.

Here, follow the steps to update iPhone to its latest version to fix “Airdrop not working” on iPhone.

Step 1: Make sure you have enough battery and your iPhone is connected to the internet with Wi-Fi.

Step 2: After that go to Settings > General > Software Update.

update iPhone software

Step 3: Then tap on Download and Install. If you are asked to remove apps to make space then tap on Continue or Cancel.

Step 4: Now, tap on Install.

After some minutes your iPhone will be updated to its latest version. If you are asked to enter a passcode then simply enter it.

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Solution 8: Change Airdrop Settings

Airdrop provides 3 options – Off, Contacts Only, and Everyone. Among three “Contacts Only” is the most complex as it verifies who knows who. But if you are in panic then you can change it to “Everyone” and then try again. You can also disable and again enable it.

Here, follow the steps to change Airdrop settings to fix Airdrop stop working on iPhone.

Step 1: Open Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Then hit on General and then on AirDrop.

Change Airdrop Settings

Step 3: Select the one option that you want among the three and tap on it.

Adjust Airdrop Settings

If you are trying to use AirDrop from your iPhone to your Mac but Mac is not showing up then you can follow these steps on your Mac.

Step 1: On your Mac computer run Finder.

Step 2: After that, click on AirDrop.

Adjust Airdrop Settings On Mac

Step 3: From here, you can also select Everyone, Contacts, and No One.

This will help in showing your iPhone on your Mac.

Solution 9: Use iPhone System Repair Software

If there is some problem with your iPhone iOS and due to this your Airdrop is not working on your iPhone then you should try iPhone System Repair software. This iOS Repair software will repair your iPhone OS as well as Airdrop not working issue on iPhone.

*Trial version only shows how it works and not fix iOS to Normal.

*Trial version only shows how it works and not fix iOS to Normal.

Here, follow the steps to use iPhone Repair software to fix Airdrop not working on iPhone.

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Solution 10: Visit Apple Service Centre

If all the above solutions do not solve the Airdrop issue then lastly you should visit Apple service center. Maybe there is more hardware problem on your iPhone. They will check what the problem is and fix it.

FAQs (Related Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1 – What To Do If My AirDrop Is Not Working Between My iPhone And Mac?

Answer – When your Airdrop is not working between your iPhone and Mac then you should hard reset your iPhone. After that try to restart your Mac. The steps for hard resetting iPhone and restarting Mac are mentioned above.

Question 2 – Can Personal Hotspot Conflict With AirDrop?

Answer – Yes, personal conflict with Airdrop. You cannot use Airdrop when you are connected to a personal hotspot. You can turn off your personal hotspot by going to Settings > Personal Hotspot and tap on the option to disable the feature.

Question 3 – My Bluetooth Is Turned On, But Still I Am Facing Airdrop Connectivity Problem. What Should I Do?

Answer – If your Bluetooth is enabled, but still you are facing Airdrop connectivity problem then you should update your iOS device. The steps to update the iPhone or other iOS device is mentioned above.

Question 4 – How To Reset Airdrop On Mac?

Answer – If the Airdrop issue is with your Mac then you should first restart your Mac. But this doesn’t help restart your network equipment or you can sign out of Apple ID and then again sign in to it.

Wrap Up

I hope this guide was helpful for you to fix Airdrop not working on iPhone. You can use iPhone System Repair software if there is any issue with your iPhone iOS. If this doesn’t help then lastly you can visit the Apple service center.